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Founded in 2017, Little Bytes is the world's first live online programming academy for K-8 students. In most school districts, computer science education is rarely available before students entering high school. By then, it's often too late to have any impact on their opinion. Little Bytes bridges this education gap, bringing tough computer science concepts into simple, little "bytes".

Little Bytes is the proud recipient of Stanford University's 2018 she++ Fellowship and the 2018 Founders Live Detroit pitch competition grand award.

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The LittleBytes application takes only a few minutes to fill out, and admissions are released on a rolling basis to students.

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Our team will send you the onboarding process, including payment information and pre-work.

Begin Learning!

Online LittleBytes classes are held on weekends, plus optional office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer $50 referral discounts for new and returning students to use. Contact us at and we'll be glad to discuss the details with you!

It depends on the class. No purchases are necessary. All classes will use GitHub client online to post their weekly homework assignments and Google Classroom.

Web Development - Sublime Text Editor
App Development - Thunkable (online)
Logic Fundamentals - Sublime Text Editor and Linux Terminal
Java/APCS - IntelliJ or BlueJ

All students have access to office hours at no extra charge, which they can schedule individually with their instructor.

As mentioned before, office hours are always open. Additionally, full-length recordings of any missed class and notes can be provided to students who are absent due to vacation or any other reason, which is posted on the Google Classrooms.

Classes begin the weekend of June 1st and run until the last weekend of August. The camp session is 12 weeks long. Each class runs for two hours of instruction.

Web Development - Saturday, 11-1 AM EST
App Development - Saturday, 2-4 PM EST
Logic Fundamentals - Sunday, 8-10 AM EST
Java - This class schedule is TBD.

We do not encourage skipping levels of the class, but we can definitely acommodate special cases. Please contact us at and we can provide a more specific answer based on your child's experience.

What Our Alumni Say

"This class deserves a 5 star rating! The way Prianka teaches coding is understandable, she holds office hours to discuss code, and she gives us resources to help us every step of the way. I can’t wait for the next class she will teach!"

"I used to think coding was really hard, but then I took this class and I realized anybody can do it. I learned how to make websites and now I am working on starting a computer science club at my upper elementary school."

“I am so glad that I discovered Little Bytes. My teacher, Ms. Prianka Subrahmanyam is very thorough and she takes the time to explain everything. I took two courses, web development, and app development. I enjoyed it a lot. I am looking forward to taking more courses.”

"I know my mom and dad do some sort of coding stuff at work but it looked really boring until I actually tried it and made a game. I sent it to my friends and they loved it! Prianka and Adi are both really interesting teachers."

"My name is Srithan, and I am interested in computer programming. This class expanded my knowledge of coding and gaming, and was really fun and helpful."

"Thanks for igniting interest into the field of computer science. I did not know anything about programming before, but over the last two courses , I have made lot of progress and I think this is something that I am going to be pursuing passionately."

Level 1 - Web Development

$ 99
  • This class covers the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for use in front-end development with a few back-end applications. Topics include the Google Maps API, UI/UX themes, and databases in Cloudstitch.
  • Sat, 11 AM-1 PM EST

Level 2 - App Development

$ 99
  • Learn how to make real, working Android and iOS apps using the drag and drop platform Thunkable. Students will create a fully-functional restaurant app which they will present to the business following class completion.
  • Sat, 2-4 PM EST

Level 3 - Logic in Python + JavaScript

$ 99
  • This class builds on the logic fundamentals taught in previous classes and uses USA Computing Olympiad challenges to guide instruction of more advanced topics, like arrays and arithmetic work, as well as graphics and gaming. 
  • Sun, 8-10 AM EST

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